Psyllium Husk Complete • Organic Daily Detox & Cleanse Formula For Adults • Improves Digestive, Heart, Weight & Total Health

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Psyllium Husk Complete is a premium, organic complex for achieving optimum digestive, cardiovascular, metabolic and overall health. Daily use detoxifies and cleanses the body, improving and protecting nearly every important area of health.

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About Psyllium Husk Complete

This complete daily formula for men and women should be used by anyone looking to lose weight, protect their heart, experience better digestive health, experience improved mental function, flush toxins and glow brighter on the outside while feeling better on the inside. Psyllium Husk Complete is one of the most advanced supplements ever created for detoxifying and cleansing, containing digestive enzymes, fiber, nutrients, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and prebiotics, including the following organic and natural ingredients: psyllium husk powder, slippery elm bark powder, aloe, chlorella, ginger, black walnut, hyssop herb, papaya, inulin, acai and lycopene.

Key Science-Backed Benefits

• Cleanses, Improves & Protects Digestive Tract Health
• Aids Weight Loss & Slimming, Blocking Fat Storage, Boosting Metabolism
• Improves Heart Health, Lowering Cholesterol, Managing Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar
• Flushes Toxins, Improving Energy, Clarity & Overall Health
• Provides Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory & Immunity Support
• Improves Regularity & Bowel Bulk
• Improves Health & Function Of Liver, Colon, Kidneys & Urinary Tract
• Relieves Stomach Irritation, Acid Reflux & Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
• Improves Skin Appearance & Health
• Supports & Protects Brain Function, Clarity & Health